THE 300 REP 
What is the 300R-HM?
~ This is a brief, high volume - high intensity method that optimizes muscle hypertrophy ~
  • This is designed for the advanced bodybuilder who wants to maximize a lagging body part. 
  •  This is designed for those who are veteran bodybuilders / weight lifters.
  • ​This is designed for those who do NOT have current injuries. 
  • ​This is designed for those who can handle a lot of pain in a short period of time.
This is a plateau breaker. This is NOT designed to replace what you are doing, not designed for you to do every day and not designed for longevity. This is to give you a new method to shock your muscle/s and force its growth. This is a method that will tax, threaten and force adaptation.

300R-HM Rules
Exercise movements: Choose 3 movements to do only. 

For example, if I want to hit chest, I could choose: (1) DB chest press; (2) cable fly; (3) assisted dips.   

Repetitions: You must complete 100 repetitions for each movement. Therefore, you will perform 300 repetitions in total. 

Going off the example above: 100 reps for the DB chest press; 100 reps for the cable fly; 100 reps for the assisted dips. 

Tempo: Each rep must be controlled. You are NOT moving ballistically to get these reps done. This is not Crossfit.

Time: You must complete this workout within 20 minutes. Therefore, ALL rest periods must be minimal. 

Intra-set rep count: In every 100 rep set, you will be doing what are called "cluster-sets". Every cluster-set you do, you will have a certain number of repetitions which will count toward your total rep number (100). 

Each cluster-set must NOT go beyond 20 repetitions. You must stay within the 2 - 20 repetition range for every cluster-set you do. This means you must choose a weight where you cannot go past 20 repetitions. 

Load: The load can be divided up any way you see fit. You can go heavier at the beginning, or choose to go heavier on the last 10 repetitions. Just be conscious of the time limit you have. I recommend you stay in the 10 - 20 range until you hit the end, and then you can go heavier where you are performing 2 - 5 reps per cluster. However, you can manipulate this how you want.  

Rest (intra / inter): Intra-rest periods (within the 100 rep set) need to be brief. I recommend you take 5 - 10 seconds between cluster sets. For inter-rest periods (between each movement) I recommend you take 1 - 2 minutes rest, then move on to the next movement.

Muscle group split: This method is for the purpose of hitting one muscle group only. Choose one muscle group, choose your 3 movements, tackle it. So your frequency will be just once a week. 

Muscular failure: You will only reach muscular failure on the very last repetition of the movement. So at the end of every 100 rep set, I recommend choosing a load where you are working VERY hard (less reps). This way you can reach momentary muscular failure at the end of each 100 rep set. All other sets (clusters), leave 1 - 2 reps in the tank ONLY. So for every cluster set you do, you are STILL working hard, you just aren't pushing to muscular failure each time. Reserve that for the very end. 
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