Ongoing Coaching Program

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Meal plans: Each month you will receive 5 NEW meal plans. These meal plans are in the 1200 - 1800 calorie range and vary from meat, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, etc. 

Recipes: Every Wednesday you will get a new delicious recipe. These recipes are tasty and have the precise calories and macronutrients. 

At-home AND Gym: Each day you are supposed to train we have both at-home AND gym routines. Don't feel like hitting the gym one day? No problem. Stay at home at workout! You can choose! 

Bi-weekly Routines: You will be on a schedule and your training will change EVERY 2 WEEKS! So be prepared to have something new so you don't get bored! 

Training App Access: All exercises are housed inside our training app, where you can track all workouts. You will always have 24/7 access in your own client account!

Demonstrative Videos: ​Every exercise will have example videos, this way you can see how to perform every movement with perfect form!

​Training Variables: Every exercise will have the number of sets, repetitions and/or time you need to do. You will know exactly what to do!

Update Progress: Inside our app, you can update your photos and measurements to keep track of progress!

Group Communication Setting: All other OCP clients are in a group together where we talk amongst ourselves, give feedback and have a support group!

24/7 Coaching: We will answer any questions you have along the way to ensure you get the best possible results!

Note: this is a monthly subscription